Adobe Acquires Bengaluru-Based AI Firm ‘’ in Groundbreaking Move

The American software giant Adobe has successfully bought the artificial intelligence company ‘’, which is situated in Bengaluru and is a pioneer in the area of artificial intelligence-powered video production platforms. This acquisition is something that has never been done before. Co-founder of ‘Rephrase AI’ Shivam Mangala made the statement on Wednesday on the social networking site. He was the one who made the announcement.

A message sent by Mangala, expressing her enthusiasm, said, “Exciting news! We are entering a new age of generative artificial intelligence as a result of the purchase of Rephrase AI by a creative technology business. This accomplishment is not associated with anybody else except you. Despite this, none of the firms has disclosed any information about the value of the deal being discussed.

New opportunities for reframing AI employees at Adobe

It has been reported by the Economic Times that the majority of the personnel working at Rephrase AI would be joining Adobe as a consequence of the transaction. According to a statement released by Mangala, “I am excited to see what our team will create for the field of generative artificial intelligence.” The future is full with inventiveness and optimism.

An Adobe spokeswoman indicated that the company is actively researching both organic and inorganic forms of innovation in its quest of sustained innovation and high-quality talent. Adobe is also actively studying both types of innovation. Rephrase AI has a remarkable track record in both organic and inorganic developments, according to the spokesman for the company.

Adobe’s search for fresh talent and high-quality innovation

Rephrase AI has shown exceptional performance in both organic and inorganic innovation, according to the spokesman for Adobe, who was speaking about the company’s strategy. In order to continuously improve the value that it provides to its stakeholders, Adobe is dedicated to the pursuit of fresh talent and high-quality innovation.

It was in March of this year that Adobe made the announcement that it will be entering the generative artificial intelligence market. At the annual Adobe Max creative conference, which took place a month ago, the business provided a sneak peek of its skills to convert generative artificial intelligence into film.

Rephrase AI originated in Bengaluru

IIT grads Ashray Malhotra, Nishith Lahoti, and Shivam Mangala established Rephrase AI in 2019. They were the founders of the company. This Bengaluru-based firm focuses in delivering a text-to-video creation function, which assists video makers and influencers in the process of creating quality video clips. The new business venture has been able to successfully secure a total of $13.9 million in finance.

An major step forward in the development of generative artificial intelligence technology is represented by Adobe’s strategic purchase of the company. As a result of the incorporation of Rephrase AI’s capabilities into Adobe’s ecosystem, it is anticipated that the area of creative content production would see unprecedented development.

Adobe’s position at the vanguard of the generative artificial intelligence revolution is likely to be strengthened as the cooperation continues to develop, and stakeholders are eagerly anticipating the novel products and solutions that will emerge as a result.

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